Kani Shawl Weave

The kani technique of weaving is intricate.  Kani is like a wooden shuttle, Multiple shuttles are used for making shawls with multiple colors. Usually more than one color is used for weaving a single line of fabric. The popular colors used for making the jamawar shawls are yellow, green, crimson, purple, black and blue. It is due to the beautiful and flawless blend of these colors in the design and the fabric.

"Kani" means "wooden needle".  This art of weaving shawls with 750-1400 wooden needles in Kashmir dates back to 300 years. These shawls were made for the kings and the consideration given was not always money. They used to get food, clothing and shelter.



Our teal embroidered kani shawl is captivating! 

The shawl has a rich brocade in colours of black, mustard, teal, and rust, with a striped border. 

Posted on February 20, 2014 .