Reversible Black and Creme Hand Spun Pashmina with Gold Lurex

This is gorgeous hand spun pashmina with gold lurex and black and white stripes. It is reversible with black and white on one side and the gold lurex on the other. 

It created from the very best pure hand spun pashmina yarn. The fibre is so fine that it must be hand spun for five days.

When the yarn is ready, it is put on a hand loom. The artisans create a few lines of the pashmina, then, the lurex is woven on the other side of loom which is warp and weft. Both yarns are woven separately with the hand dyed black and creme pashmina yarn. This is tricky as the artisans have to keep watch of each line as if the pashmina yarn is cut, the shawl is damaged and they have to start again.

The pashmina yarn is extremely fine and has un unmistakable  feel. The finest pashmina yarn is traditionally used only for embroidered shawls. 



Posted on March 10, 2014 .