Tree of Life Wrap

Our tree of life ultra light cashmere wrap shows off a sensational print design, focusing on nature. 

A captivating abstract tree print design created on pure ultra light cashmere. The print design has shades of green and fuchsia. The background is an antique creme colourway.

This print design is one of my favorites. The tree is created in an off white colourway to highlight the never ending branches that spread all over the scarf. This tree, like many has a story to tell with its long branches intertwined with nature. The contrast in light and dark green with fuchsia depict the changes in life cycle.

This pure cashmere scarf feels incredibly light and silky soft. This is because it is created with a loose weave, creating a gauze like appearance and texture. This is the hallmark trait of a pure cashmere scarf. The cashmere yarn comes from Kashmir. This means that the quality is superb! 

The scarf weighs 75 grams. This makes it perfect for winter and summer! 

This wrap was featured in Tatler's June issue. 

ASP_2252 1.jpg
Posted on June 18, 2014 .