Pashminas with Lurex

Hand woven reversible pashminas with gold and silver lurex are a must have for special occasions! They are versatile because you can wear them with the natural side up for day time wear and for evening and formal wear, you can show off the lurex! 

Each piece is hand woven with the pashmina yarn and lurex.



In reversible hand spun lurex pashminas, we have two qualities. One is with the finest quaity in hand spun pashmina and the highest quality in lurex.

The pashmina yarn and lurex have to to be hand spun for five days before they are ready for the loom.

 Once ready, the pashmina  yarn is placed on the loom. The weaver weaves a few lines and then he needs to place the lurex  on the other side of the loom which is warp and weft. Both yarns have to be woven separately. The weaver needs to be careful at each line so that lurex does not cut the pashmina yarn. If this happens, the pashmina is damaged and the weaver has to start the whole process again.  These pieces are a true labour of love! 











Our reversible hand spun black and cream stripes with gold lurex is created with very fine pashmina yarn. It is the very best quality of pashmina. Black and cream stripes is visible on one side and the gold lurex is on the other. 







The reversible sliver lurex stripes hand spun pashmina is created with super fine pashmina yarn and the best quality in lurex. 













The reversible hand woven pashminas with lurex are heavier in weight. The pashmina yarn is not hand spun on the loom. The lurex and pashmina are woven together to create a stunning wrap! 



Posted on August 24, 2014 .