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The Cashmere and Pashmina Layered Look for Spring

Why not combine two stylish pashminas to create a fabulous layered look for Spring? We've chosen a cerise hand spun pashmina with our gorgeous tree of life cashmere scarf.

The tree is created in an off white colourway to highlight the never ending branches that spread all over the scarf. This tree, like many has a story to tell with its long branches intertwined with nature. The contrast in light and dark green with fuchsia depict the changes in life cycle.

The cerise pashmina can be smoothly drawn through an opening as small as a wedding ring. It is also the lightest weight in cashmere scarves making it perfect for travel. It weighs only 46 grams. 

The pashmina yarn is woven in a birds eye weave. This weave adds strength, allowing the scarf to be extremely light while extremely pull-resistant.

In the photos, the two wraps are layered to give extra warm and a fabulous look! The wraps are feather light and you can either intertwine them together to give a braided look or you can put them one on top of the other to give layers. 

These wraps are so super soft and warm! You can even snuggle with this in the evenings! You won't want to part with your wraps!