- How to Choose -


A pure hand spun pashmina is a fantastic investment piece. Luxurious pashmina yarn is hand spun and hand woven on traditional hand looms. 

Pashmina is the softest and the finest natural insulating fibre in the world. 

A Pashmina fibre is 15 to 19 microns in diameter where as a human hair is 75 microns in diameter. Thus, pashmina yarn can only be hand loomed on a traditional loom.  

A hand spun pashmina has an exquisite feel and drape. You will find that it is very versatile. You can wear a pashmina with formal and casual wear and you will look fabulous! 

Our pashminas are scrumptiously soft and warm! True pashminas are weightless because of the fine pashmina yarn. 


Our cashmere scarves are made from pure cashmere yarn. The yarn is machine loomed. Some of our customers prefer cashmere scarves because these are light weight and super soft. Our clients wear these at the office or when they go on holiday to shield against the sun on warm days. 

50/50 Silk and Cashmere

Our 50/50 silk and cashmere is superb if you are looking for style, comfort and a little warmth. We've had great feedback from our customers about these items!

Fur Trim Wraps

If you love fur, we have an eye-catching range of fur trim wraps available in racoon and fox fur trim. These come in pure cashmere, embroidered wool and 50/50 silk and cashmere. Our customers love the feel and drape! The wraps are stylish, warm, practical and comfortable!