- The Wonders of Cashmere -

There is nothing else quite pure cashmere. It is light, warm and soft like no other wool. Its low bulk makes it ideal for travelling with, and wearing it makes you feel like a million dollars. 

Pure cashmere has exceptional heat-regulating properties capable of maintaining a constant body temperature in any climate conditions. 

Cashmere also has the natural ability to absorb water, and therefore sweat, creating a beneficial "transpiration" effect that keeps the body pleasantly dry and cool. 

A pure cashmere or hand spun pashmina is light enough to carry in your bag. 

It is an essential item to keep at work when the air conditioning blasts through your office. You can wrap this around your shoulders to keep warm. 

Our range of pure cashmere and hand spun pashmina scarves are excellent for travelling. They will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The cashmere yarn is machine loomed in a plain weave. 

Our customers have told us that pure cashmere is great to keep off the sun's rays on hot days.