Alphonse Mucha Art Nouveau Peacock Inspired Wrap

My visit to Prague a few few years ago, inspired me to create a scarf design based on Alphonse Mucha's art nouveau style. His designs focus on undulating curves and graceful floral swirls. His use of tender colours and byzantine decorative elements became the trademark of the the Art Nouveau Movement. 

Our Art Nouveau Peacock Cashmere Scarf showcases a a stunning display of elegant peacocks with white orchids, butterflies, swirls and golden ornaments, We designed first a vertical layout to reinforce all vertical lines as old Alphonse used to do. 

Then, we decided to create a horizontally designed scarf design with the peacocks on either side, a circle at the focal point and lots of soft flowers. 

This scarf design is sensational and oozes the character and charm of the Nouveau Art Mucha elegance, available in pure cashmere ring shawl and soft wool and silk blends. It is a perfect wrap for weddings and special occasions.