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Rio Olympics inspired Amazon Rainforest Jaguar Wrap

We wanted to create a colorful, vibrant scarf featuring exotic rainforest scene inspired by the excitement of the Rio Olympics and Brazil’s diverse native flora, fauna, and wildlife. In this exclusive design two bright-blue Hyacinth macaws flank a majestic jaguar, Brazil’s national animal, which plays an integral part in maintaining the Amazon rainforest ecosystem. Baby jaguars and an eye-catching array of native flowers and plants, such as the passionflower and the Cattleya orchid, add to the exotic appeal of this design, while the predominantly pink-and-blue background provides dynamic movement. The background displays a stunning sunset with the statue of Christ the Redeemer. 

Printed on pure ring shawl cashmere or modal silk. If you love cashmere, you will be thrilled to have this piece as it is elegant, warm and luxurious. Modal silk is great for Spring/Summer or to wear on holiday!